97 GCAA student athletes earn NJCAA Academic Awards

97 GCAA student athletes earn NJCAA Academic Awards

The NJCAA just released those individuals from across the national that were named to the 2015-2016 NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Awards. Ten GCAA institutions encompassing eleven different sports earned this honor.

Honoring academic performance throughout each individual’s collegiate career, there are three classifications of the NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Awards based on the following cumulative GPA qualifications:

                Pinnacle Award for Academic Excellence: 4.00 GPA
                Superior Academic Achievement Award: 3.80-3.99 GPA
                Exemplary Academic Achievement Award: 3.60-3.79 GPA

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Taylor Whitehead                   Tennis I           Exemplary

Sydney Vaughn                      Softball I         Superior

Shelby Bursey                         Soccer I           Exemplary

Preston Sparks                        Baseball I        Superior

Myriam Gilmore                      Soccer I           Exemplary

Miranda Somers                     Softball I         Superior

Mary Gill                                Softball I         Exemplary

Kimberly Cooper                     Soccer I           Exemplary

Kelly Burdett                          Tennis I           Exemplary

Joseph Watson                       Baseball I        Superior

Hayley Dobson                       Softball I         Superior

Colton Wyllie                          Golf II             Exemplary

Caleb Slaughter                      Baseball I        Exemplary

Bryce Shupe                          Baseball I        Superior

Alexus Holton                        Soccer I           Superior

Andrew College

Samantha Gidney                   Softball I         Superior

Michael Warren                      Baseball I        Exemplary

Kayla Kieffer                           Soccer I           Superior

Ilaria Berni                             Soccer I           Superior

Hannah Stanley                     Soccer I           Exemplary

Carleigh Hoelzel                      Soccer I           Exemplary

Cara Tafoya                            Volleyball I      Superior

Ashton Howell                        Softball I         Exemplary

Atlanta Metropolitan College

Emmanuella Ezeobi               Basketball I     Exemplary

Doris Ijeoma                           Basketball I     Superior

Darton State College

Savannah Gabriel                   Softball I         Pinnacle

Samuel Goberdhan                 Baseball I        Pinnacle

Robert Feagans                       Baseball I        Exemplary

Rabon Martin                         Baseball I        Superior

Pierce Smith                           Baseball I        Exemplary

Mattox Harman                      Baseball I        Exemplary

Kelly Hoffius                          Soccer I           Superior

Kearston Roland                     Softball I         Pinnacle

Josh Robertson                       Golf I              Exemplary

Haley Kincheloe                     Soccer I           Superior

Grant McDonald                     Baseball I        Exemplary

Garrett Dunton                      Soccer I          Exemplary

Dylan Price                            Baseball I         Superior

Deja Lester                            Softball I         Exemplary

Danielle Weyer                       Soccer I           Exemplary

Colton Thomas                       Baseball I        Superior

Alana Walker                          Softball I         Superior

Georgia Highlands College

Neilie Armstrong                   Softball I         Exemplary

Mary Blankinship                   Basketball I     Superior

Laura Jordan                         Softball I         Exemplary

Jarrett Mask                          Baseball I        Exemplary

Galen McCrum                       Baseball I        Exemplary

Deana-Jo Blankinship             Basketball I     Pinnacle

Georgia Military College

Taylor Little                           Softball I         Pinnacle

Sara Alderman                       Softball I         Superior

Georgia Northwestern Technical College

Mary Farrell                           Basketball III  Superior

Jordan Estes                          Golf III            Superior

Lanier Guest                          Golf III            Exemplary

Abigail Hannah                      Volleyball III  Exemplary

Alysa Daniel                           Volleyball III  Exemplary

Gordon State College

Tyler Holcombe                       Baseball I        Exemplary

Megan Shepherd                     Softball I         Superior

Oxford College of Emory University

Anthony Patrick                     Basketball III  Exemplary

Jesse Wood                             Basketball III  Exemplary

Aidan Fife                               Soccer III        Pinnacle

Allison Holmes                        Soccer III        Superior

Carson Hagan                         Soccer III        Exemplary

Casey Frew                             Soccer III        Exemplary

Cheng Duan                            Soccer III        Exemplary

Gabriel Baskin                        Soccer III        Superior

Jacob Hess                              Soccer III        Exemplary

John Mizuki                            Soccer III        Exemplary

Jonathan Wei                          Soccer III        Superior

Kako Yamada                         Soccer III        Pinnacle

Karina Collins                          Soccer III        Superior

Kevin Kilgour                         Soccer III        Superior

Killian Glenn                          Soccer III        Exemplary

Kira Zagorc                            Soccer III        Superior

Luke Rodin                             Soccer III        Superior

Mackenzie Ward                    Soccer III        Superior

Meredith Broyles                   Soccer III        Exemplary

Nicholas Alvarez                    Soccer III        Exemplary

Parker Nguyen                        Soccer III        Exemplary

Rachel West                           Soccer III        Exemplary

Rebecca Head                         Soccer III        Exemplary

Tenzin Taklha                         Soccer III        Exemplary

South Georgia State College

Mark DeVitt                           Baseball I        Superior

Richard Corbitt                       Baseball I        Superior

Madison Smith                       Cross Country I   Superior

Amy Latner                            Cross Country I, Softball I     Superior

Amy Latner                            Cross Country I, Softball I     Superior

Jenna Corley                           Soccer I           Exemplary

Jordan Bernard                       Soccer I           Exemplary

Kristen Manfredi                     Soccer I           Exemplary

Chelsea Lyons                        Softball I         Exemplary

Loren Mertz                            Softball I         Superior

Makayla Clark                         Softball I         Superior

Shelby Lacy                            Softball I         Superior

Whitney Oliver                       Softball I         Superior

Dylan Villhauer                      Swimming & Diving  Superior

Rebekah Morris                      Swimming & Diving  Pinnacle

Ryan Davis                             Swimming & Diving  Superior